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Over Thirty Years Experience

Class A is a fully licensed professional firework company that performs firework displays in the Southeastern United States. With over fifteen years of experience, we offer the customer the very best in service, quality and reliability.

Class A is the only fireworks display company that provides all of the following:

- Helps with all necessary permits and arrangements.

- All displays are at least ninety percent pre-loaded to insure a much safer display.

- Helps the customer understand different firework proposals.

Class A provides turnkey firework displays for every occasion, any time of year, for almost any budget.

Public Displays Weddings Holidays
Fairs and Festivals Private Parties Fund Raising Events
Corporate Events Graduations Anniversaries

Class A Fireworks has had it's fireworks featured in:

    • The Daily News
    • The Sun Journal
    • NC Boaters Magazine
    • Max Magazine


We use high quality shells, with lots of variety, resulting in lots of OOOOHs and AAAAHS!
Our turnkey displays provide the following:
  • Help with site survey and local permits
  • Display liability insurance (when required)
  • Transportation, set up and firing the display
  • Clean up


All of our pyrotechnics wear fireman's turnout gear, including helmet, face shield and gloves. Our displays are at least ninety percent pre loaded (each shell is loaded into its mortar tube before the display starts). This limits any supply pile from pre-ignition. We meet with any local authority to discuss safety concerns before the display. Providing a safe fireworks display is our number one priority!
Class A Services and Storage, Inc.
A Pyrotechnic and Explosive Company
160 White Oak Bluffs
Stella, N.C. 28582
(910) 358-3593
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